Two Roads, One Path

Addressing the unique challenges presented to those involved in interfaith relationships.

Whether you are the Jewish or non-Jewish spouse in an interfaith marriage, we are available to talk to you and also offer counseling and information for your particular circumstance.

Intermarriage does not mean a Jew is no longer Jewish. We understand the unique challenges presented to those involved in interfaith relationships.

We can also help you find answers related to Judaism: Jewish weddings, Jewish customs, Jewish culture, Jewish traditions and Jewish beliefs. We also offer local programs and seminars.

We can help address:

  • >  "Finding Spiritual Balance in Relationships," where interfaith couples who desire clarity to core issues in their life, explore how "Spiritual Balance" offers answers in a world of moral relativism.
  • >  A second session, "Why Jews can't believe in Jesus," addresses one of the most perplexing questions for interfaith couples.

What are the two roads?

The First Road is Kindness, as it states:  “The Beginning and the end of the entire Torah is loving-kindness".

The Second Road is Respect, as it states:  "Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD".

Your Journey Begins Here

At Jews for Judaism, we recognize the uniqueness of the interfaith relationship and family. The response to the question “Where do we stand in the Jewish community?” is one we are intimately aware of, and hope to provide you with the tools to help you discover your path among the Jewish people.

A plethora of books have been written on the subject of interfaith marriage with a wide variety of approaches. We are introducing a new path. One that we believe will put you in touch with yourself and your origins.

In the links that follow, you will discover, that although you might have experienced alienation and rejection from the Jewish Community in the past, open-minded and idealistic members of your faith will provide you with a wealth of enriching programs and experiences that will enhance your life.

So, if you seek increased awareness of Judaism, unity and harmony in your marriage, or inclusion in the Jewish community, just follow the resources we've included for you here below.  We are here to help!

I am Jewish, my spouse is not.

Where do we relate to the Jewish Community? How do I find ways to keep a connection to my traditions and my people?

My spouse is Jewish, I am not.

What does Judaism teach about someone who is not Jewish?  What can I learn about my spouse’s tradition?  Where do I fit?